What Could Possibly Go Right?

#81 Helaine Olen: Insist On Your Dignity

May 30, 2022 Vicki Robin
What Could Possibly Go Right?
#81 Helaine Olen: Insist On Your Dignity
Show Notes

Helaine Olen is an award-winning opinion writer for the Washington Post Opinion section. An expert on money and society with a deep understanding of public policy, she writes, speaks and consults on issues including Social Security, retirement, healthcare, student loans and women’s financial issues. Helaine has appeared on The Daily Show, Frontline, C-Span, the BBC, MSNBC, All Things Considered, Marketplace and more to share her forward-thinking commentary on politics, economics and consumer and regulatory issues. 

She addresses the question of “What Could Possibly Go Right?” with thoughts including:

  • The “Great Resignation” and Americans’ changing relationship with work
  • The need to insist on dignity in our working lives
  • The call “to not confuse your needs, with corporate needs or government needs”
  • The benefits of building better social safety nets and increased government support

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